clickhouse报 单个插入块的分区太多 的异常

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报错信息: Too many partitions for single INSERT block (more than 100). The limit is controlled by ‘max_partitions_per_insert_block’ setting. Large number of partitions is a common misconception. It will lead to severe negative performance impact, including slow server startup, slow INSERT queries and slow SELECT queries. Recommended total number of partitions for a table is under 1000…10000. Please note, that partitioning is not intended to speed up SELECT queries (ORDER BY key is sufficient to make range queries fast). Partitions are intended for data manipulation (DROP PARTITION, etc). (version (official build))

尝试处理: 通过信息,我们将max_partitions_per_insert_block参数修改为2000,但是该异常仍没有解决; 后来我们担心是批处理插入数据过大导致的(单次批量执行5000条插入),但是将单次插入缩减到500仍然会有问题;


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Too many partitions for single INSERT block (more than 100) 分区规则设置有问题,可以的话调整分区规则,减少分区数